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Creating Safe-Smart Organizations to Save Lives and Provide Business Continuity

Quicklert was founded in 2016 with one goal in mind: To help our customers create what we call "safe-smart" workplaces, based upon new, smarter technologies designed to identify and respond to threats faster - and more accurately. At Quicklert, we created the Intelligent Alerts Management (IAM) Platform, an enterprise software platform along with QBOX, an integrated AI-powered hardware framework. Together, this powerful architecture automates and accelerates how organizations detect and respond to emergencies and critical events. We are passionate about safety in the workplace, and it shows with everything we do.

The IAM software quickly identifies and analyzes threats, locates and informs the right people during incidents (such as active shooter scenarios, terrorist scenarios, extreme weather conditions, power outages, cyber-attacks, fires and chemical spills, or other business interruptions). IAM sends mass alerts and notifications using secure delivery methods across a wide array of devices and platforms, with an audit trail for viewing progress and executing response plans.

The IAM software platform is a distributed, redundant architecture that can be on-premise, cloud-based or a hybrid approach. It scales from the smallest business to the largest enterprise and federal government installations. Together with the QBOX AI-powered hardware platform and a variety of IoT devices, IAM is used to detect incidents and respond with alerts, lockdowns, lockouts, intelligent evacuations and any other response protocol a customer desires.

Quicklert is used by various federal/state/local government agencies throughout the USA, school districts and universities of all sizes, hospitals and healthcare systems and a large number of Fortune 500 companies. Quicklert is based in Princeton, New Jersey, with additional offices in Dallas, Miami, Kyiv, New Delhi, Manila, and Shenzhen.

For more information, visit www.quicklert.com, read the company blog, and follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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