Threat Detection, 911, Mass Alerts & IP Paging Platform

Threat Detection, 911, Mass Alerts & IP Paging Platform

Simplify how you communicate – during normal operations and during emergencies – with powerful messaging and alerting at the touch of a button.

The Intelligent Alerts Managent (IAM) Platform is the foundation for the Quicklert software experience. It is designed for any user in any environment, regardless of PBX type or network topology. Available in an on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid fashion, it is easy to deploy and easy to manage, with a simplified and intuitive administrative and end-user experience.

Intelligent Alerts Managent (IAM) Software Platform

With IAM, powerful applications like Mass Alert Communications and Broadcast Paging become more than single point products. They become alerting, notification, and response tools to specific events. Cal Scheduler becomes a cost-effective alternative to multiple school bell systems in schools – while at the same time becoming an integral component of an alert, messaging and response strategy. Internal 911 Alerts become a situational tool to detect and respond to 911 calls – or any other pre-designated calling pattern – quickly and efficiently. And these are just a few of the many applications and optional software modules integrated into the IAM.

Quicklert Intelligent Alert Management Platform

By combining powerful applications and modules into emergency response solutions that work together, customers can create a powerful solution to those events most important to their organizations.

checkAdmissions, Discharge and Rounding are all enhanced in Hospitals, while protecting doctors, nurses and staff.

checkCampus Security, Parent Engagement and Extended Classroom Learning are all enhanced in Schools.

checkGovernment entities can reach tens or millions of constituents and the touch of an icon with powerful messaging based upon text, voice and video technologies.

checkCommercial companies realize cost reductions, productivity gains while creating what we call the Safe-Smart workplace.

Broadcast & Paging

Reach your users anytime, anywhere, on any device or any screen. No more expensive dial-out campaigns where calls are screened and not answered, or emails that are not read in a timely fashion.

911 & Code Alerts

911 is dialed or a panic button is pressed. Immediately, the right people –anywhere – are alerted –on their device of choice – at their desktop or on their mobile phone. They can acknowledge and reply to any alert.

Mass Alerts Management

Something happens. You need to alert and notify hundreds, or even thousands of people. Bad weather, an emergency situation, or a simple IT outage. Touch an icon, and everyone is notified, via alerts, emails, and SMS messages.


Secure & Easy Messaging

Beyond simple paging and broadcast services, you need a secure messaging platform that allows full, two-way communication. In a small company, every second counts. No more key messages stuck in email or voicemail boxes.

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