Quicklert QBOX Paging Relay Controller

QBOX Paging Relay Controller

The QBOX Paging Relay Controller (PRB) is an IP gateway device that enables users to send audio across a Wide Area Network (WAN) as a unicast stream without needing to route multicast across the WAN.

Due to the limitation of bandwidth, routing, or complex network scenarios, you may not be able to enable multicast traffic across the WAN in your network. The QBOX Paging Relay Controller is an ideal solution for deploying Quicklert Mass Alerting and Broadcast messaging across a WAN to remote offices and branch locations. With a small form factor integrated with Quicklert Server, this gateway device is designed to remove required multicast traffic over WAN for audio-paging and broadcasting.

Quicklert QBOX Paging Relay Controller

As the QBOX Paging Relay Controller will relay the multicast traffic in the same VLAN it is connected to, we recommend connecting the Quicklert Relay Box to the same VLAN of the IP Phones at the remote locations.

The QBOX Paging Relay Controller has hardware that will deliver additional functionality with software updates in future. For example, it will support the connection of an external TV/Monitor via an HDMI port to use as a Digital Signage Box when it is connected and configured with Quicklert QMS servers..

It just works like magic:

checkAn audio message is sent from Quicklert Server as a unicast TCP/UDP stream to the QBOX Paging Relay Controller over the WAN.

checkThe QBOX Paging Relay Controller at the remote site receives the unicast audio stream and re-broadcasts it to the remote LAN as multicast audio.

checkThe phones and QBOX IP Speakers, QBOX Wall, QBOX Ceiling Speakers, 3rd Party IP speakers receive the multicast stream and play sound.

checkIt is very simple and easy to configure and manage using either a web browser or the QBOX management mobile IOS or Android App.

Quicklert QBOX Paging Relay Controller
Quicklert Relay Box Hardware Specifications

The QBOX Paging Relay Controller is designed for indoor use only and should be installed in an environment designed for computer equipment, such as a server room with air conditioning.

Physical Dimensions: 4.57" L x 3.23" W x 1.34" H

Power supply output: 18V / 15 W

Power Adapter Included: AC/DC 12 V, 30 W

Operational temperature range: 0 - 40°C

Operational Humidity: 0% - 90%

Warranty: 1 year

Wifi 802.11n

Bluetooth 4.1

Gigabit Ethernet

HDMI Full HD and 4k

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