Introducing Quicklert™ for Digium™ Switchvox

The Easiest Solution for 911 Alerts, Mass Alerts and Secure Messaging for Schools, State and Local Government, Healthcare and Small to Medium size business.

Dialing 911 Alert form the IP Phone

Ease of use

911 Calls are automatically detected and alerts are immediately send to designated groups of users on smartphone and desktop computers.

Quicklert Connect App - Supported Devices

Supported Devices

Alerts and Messages can be exchanged between desktop/laptop computers, smartphones, analog and IP speakers and digital signage.

Quicklert Connect App - Mass Alert

iOS and Android Apps

Most people are not glued to their desks or their computer screens. Alerts can be launched from and received by IOS and Android smartphones.

Quicklet Connect App - Desktop App

Mac & Windows Desktop

The computer is the device of choice for many users. Alerts can be launched from and received by Windows and MAC desktops computers.

Quicklert Connect App - Sending message to Groups

Saves You Time

Quick deployment means you are up and running, and taking care of your day-to-day business or work in no time. Full deployment is usually done in less than 3 hours.

Quicklert Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

With built in integration with Digium™ SwitchVox, our implementation team will get you up and running usually within an hour.

Why Quicklert?

Quicklert™ is a simple, easy-to-use messaging, alerting and emergency response solution that is integrated with your Digium™ Switchvox environment. Your critical messages are no longer caught in voice mail jail, or stuck in an e-mail Inbox, or ignored as screened calls. One touch launches and receives key messages and critical alerts. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Broadcast & Paging

Reach your users anytime, anywhere, on any device or any screen. No more expensive dial-out campaigns where calls are screened and not answered, or emails that are not read in a timely fashion.

911 & Code Alerts

911 is dialed or a panic button is pressed. Immediately, the right people –anywhere – are alerted –on their device of choice – at their desktop or on their mobile phone. They can acknowledge and reply to any alert.

Mass Alerts Management

Something happens. You need to alert and notify hundreds, or even thousands of people. Bad weather, an emergency situation, or a simple IT outage. Touch an icon, and everyone is notified, via alerts, emails, and SMS messages.


Secure & Easy Messaging

Beyond simple paging and broadcast services, you need a secure messaging platform that allows full, two-way communication. In a small company, every second counts. No more key messages stuck in email or voicemail boxes.

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