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Kids walking with phones in their hands

5th April 2019

We risk ending up with a generation of young people who are numb to seeing human suffering online - to the point they don't even react humanely to the trauma they witness

Teacher walking in the school hallway

22nd March 2019

Go beyond your current thinking. There is no one, single answer to this problem. It is a complex problem that will likely require multiple actions, taken concurrently — and quickly!

Quicklert Mobile App - Mass Alert Screen

5th March 2019

In the wake of the Parkland shooting in 2018, a number of ideas were floated about as to what to do with school shootings — how to protect students and teachers during such dangerous emergencies. One of the ideas presented was to arm teachers with weapons...

Policeman guarding a protest of people against the guns

19th February 2019

As much as we try, we cannot legislate morality, or safety. But we can use technology to identify potential situations — and act before they occur. And that begins with communicating new possibilities to the schools — which is the purpose of Quickert..

School evaluation - kids running to the safe place

14th February 2019

When an emergency happens in a school, we don’t know what is happening soon enough, we don’t respond quickly enough — and while all of this is going on — communications are sorely lacking. With the help of technologies we can do better...

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