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Call Recording

Record your most important business calls – at the touch of a button, anytime during the call. Simple, Easy, Affordable.

The Quicklert’s Intelligent Alerts Managent (IAM) Platform includes a Call Recording Module. This module allows companies to record and manage voice conversations within an organization's IP network – specifically for a Cisco Unified Communications environment. Based upon Quicklert’s proprietary distributed architecture, this solution provides adaptability, scalability, manageability and ease of deployment to record IP Communications conversations.

Consistent with our vision for VoIP-based software, recording capabilities can now be easily and automatically inserted into critical business processes and activities. You can use the call recording module to record a few calls or thousands of calls. Record calls automatically based upon time of day, a designated group of phones, by extension, or even when a specific phone number is dialed, such as 911.

Important client calls, medical reviews, legal discussions, threatening calls, conference calls, 911 calls – all can be captured in their entirety, no matter when the Record function is initiated.

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The Quicklert Call Recording Solution provides your organization with a highly reliable server-based recording solution. The solution continuously records, archives, stores and provides highspeed access to thousands of hours of customer interactions.

The Quicklert Call Recording Solution allows for multi-user access capabilities allowing playback of voice recordings from the Cisco IP Phone or through the web.

Quicklert Ip-Communicator

Calls can be set to be recorded all the time (Always On), at the touch of a button (On Demand), and anytime during the call (Just in Time), giving customers the ability for the entire call to be recorded, regardless of when call Recording is initiated.


The base software uses Built-in-Bridge (BIB) recording, and requires recording channels for each session that will be recorded or reviewed. For example, if you wish to record ten (10) concurrent sessions, then a minimum of ten (10) channels are required, along with additional channels above and beyond for the playback of recorded conversations, if desired. Channels can be procured in blocks of five (5).

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