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Creating Safe-Smart workplaces for federal agencies by simplifying communications to employees, field workers and constituents – during normal business operations as well as during emergencies – all from a single, intelligent platform that handles shooters-in-the-building as well as pandemic communications.

Quicklert QBOX Management System

Creating and executing emergency plans for federal agencies can be a daunting task – intellectually and technology-wise – because of what constitutes an emergency for these entities.

A forest agency is likely to worry about fire, drought and undisciplined visitors and campers, while a Washington D.C. based agency may be concerned about intruders, active shooters and threatening mail. Yet another agency is concerned about the uninterrupted flow of information that keeps clinical trials proceeding in a timely manner, while a different agency is concerned with protecting financial data.

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Nowhere is Quicklert’s vision of embedding emergency detection and response inside day-to-day business operations more impactful than in government agencies and offices. With Quicklert's Intelligent Alerts Management Platform, the same technology driving shift changes handles emergency communications. With Quicklert Connect App, the same mobile technology that handles phone calls and messaging and email also handles emergency evacuations in a forest, or lockdowns in a campus.

Customers including the Food and Drug Administration, the International Monetary Fund along with dozens of Department of Defense entities depend on Quicklert for their emergency requirements.

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