Quicklert Connect App

Quicklert Connect App

Quicklert Connect App is a feature-rich yet simple mobile and desktop client experience integrated within the powerful alerting and messaging platform of Quicklert’s Intelligent Alerts Managent (IAM) Software.

From their mobile phone or desk computer, your people (employees, patients, students, partners, suppliers, constituents, security) now have secure, two-way communications and one-touch alerting—anytime, anywhere.

Communications across a school district, throughout counties and communities statewide or to staff across a hospital system becomes as simple as a touch of a button. Communications is greatly enhanced—and simplified, with one-touch mass messaging, secure alerts and messaging and panic buttons for individuals.

Quicklert Connect App

One-Touch Mass Alerts

Allows an authorized user to launch alerts generating a series of actions— such alerts to mobile devices, alerts to computer devices, SMS alerts to mobile phones and messages to email addresses—all at the touch of a button when certain events are detected.

This simplifies alerting and communications when events occur, such as fire, intruder, inclement weather, pandemic notices, evacuation notices, etc., and allows end users to easily opt-in to alerts from their mobile device or computers.

Quicklert Connect App

One-Touch Panic Buttons

Allows any authorized user to touch a single icon to launch a call for help to a pre-designated group. GPS location is included with this personal panic alert.

Custom Text Messages and Alerts

Allows authorized users to quickly create a text message that is sent to a group as a text message or an email message, simultaneously.

Custom Voice Messages and Alerts

Allows authorized users to quickly create a voice message that is simultaneously sent to a group as a text message or an email message.


Allows authorized users to Acknowledge alerts or messages received with one touch.


Allows authorized users to Reply to alerts or messages received for continuous communications.

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