Quicklert Technology Partners

Quicklert Technology Partner Program

Enjoy the versatility of Quicklert’s suite of solutions, developing new applications, wearable technologies, and integrated devices that extend and expand the functionality of Quicklert’s products and services.

To drive rapid innovation and development, the Quicklert Technology Partner program provides partners with everything they need to create Safe-smart technologies. Gain access to the tools and knowledge you need to build and market your technologies integrated with the best Quicklert’s Intelligent Alerts Managent Solution available.

IAM Platform Developers

Using IAM platform APIs and integration points, design and deploy enterprise alerting and critical event management solutions at blazing speed, scalability and security.

QMS Apps Developers

Develop applications for the QBOX family of devices. Deliver feature-rich content and applications for QBOX devices that easily and securely integrate with QBOX Content Management and QBOX Playlists.

QBOX AIOS Developer (HW)

Take full advantage of the QBOX Artificial Intelligence hardware platform by integrating sensory data, voice, video into your application to create Safe-smart solutions for your customers.

You are our partner in innovation

Companies are embracing digital transformation. Organizations are evolving faster than ever before. Quicklert Technology Partners extend these transformation partners who see the opportunities a Safe-Smart workplace provides. From QBOX apps that provide safety information to help enforce social distancing, the possibilities are limitless. Quicklert Technology Partners enjoy the full support of The Quicklert Alliance. Quicklert with QBOX does for your building, what digital transformation has done for your business.

Becoming a Quicklert Technology Partner gives you access to the resources and information you need to build and market your integration to your customers and deliver the best-in-class alert detection and incident management solutions. The broad ecosystem of partners in the industry extends the value of your existing infrastructure investments.

Join the Quicklert Technology Partner program to create innovative technology solutions for critical alerts management for schools, healthcare, state/local government, and other vertical markets. Quicklert’s Technology Partner program provides everything you need to design, develop, and bring these solutions to market, quickly. Learn more about the Quicklert Technology Partner program and the resources available to help you meet your solutions goals.

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Quicklert Channel Partner Program

Successful customer deployments drive higher partner profitability to ensure that and Partner profits, higher profitability, and customer success is always a primary goal. Get access to sales, marketing, technical training and more.

Quicklert Service Partner Program

Be our partner! From project scope through delivery, deployment and maintenance, your teams will operate as an extension of ours, with the same support and resources available to the Quicklert team.

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