Quicklert Connect App - Mass Alert Notification

Industry Solutions for Residential Facilities

Creating Safe-Smart residences and back-end management experiences for housing authorities and other residential establishments by simplifying communications and using AI technologies to accelerate threat/incident detection and facilitate better response during emergencies – all from a single, intelligent platform.

Quicklert QBOX Emergency Lockdown in the apartment

Housing Authorities face unique challenges – both for their residents and the management teams and employees that work diligently to provide a safe and secure home for the families there. Residents range from the young, single mother to the senior citizen in their golden years. Creating a communications solution for such a diverse set of residents is not easy; that is where Quicklert’s Intelligent Alerts Managent (IAM) Platform comes in.

Powerful enough to communicate with thousands at a time, but simple enough to only require touching a single button, the Quicklert’s IAM Platform deploys mass alert communications to reach tens or tens of thousands of residents using clients, SMS or email messaging. With Quicklert Connect, messages can be text, voice or video – creating the best experience for the resident based upon their comfort level with technology.

Quicklert QBOX Ceiling - Exit Sign in the Residential Building Hallway

QBOX uses AI-powered technologies with machine learning to provide the most modern (and most intelligent) threat detection solution available. This is technology that can quickly evacuate a building – intelligently during a fire based upon the location of the fire. This is technology that can quickly identify an intruder with a weapon and lockdown a building while notifying the police and management team instantly. This technology can simplify how a resident manager communicates with residents regarding normal daily things as well as emergencies such as hurricane preparedness, tornado lockdowns and winter weather closures.

All of this from a single, intelligent platform that they will use every day – as Exit Signs, as Clocks, for basic announcements to lockdowns using monitors and speakers.

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