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Creating Safe-Smart workplaces for the largest enterprise organizations, using AI-powered technologies, mobile technologies and machine learning to accelerate threat detection, react smarter and simplify communications–all from a single, intelligent platform.

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Large enterprise organizations have a very diverse set of requirements when it comes to campus safety and employee safety.

Whether it is a fire, a gas leak, a disgruntled employee, a power outage, or bad weather – they need the same early detection and rapid response capabilities as any other organization. Whether there is a need to lockdown a building, or evacuate employees, these actions need to occur quickly and intelligently, based on real-time data that is changing from minute to minute.

Quicklert's Intelligent Alerts Management Platform helps enterprise organizations address their safety concerns. Solutions that don’t start with sending out alerts when something goes wrong. Quicklert's QBOX solutions use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats before they become incidents!

Quicklert Connect App - Mass Alert

Quicklert Mass Alert and Quicklert Connect solutions include powerful integrations that tie into the national weather service, so that weather alerts are not dependent on a human being taking action. And finally, these solutions are embedded inside the daily processes of the company. With QBOX Ceiling and QBOX Touch the shift management system becomes an emergency response tool. The Exit signs and Stairwell signs become emergency detection devices. Clocks, signage devices, speakers – used for bells, information displays and announcements – all become tools to detect, react and respond to emergency situations.

Quicklert enterprise deployments can grow to hundreds of thousands of licenses assigned to employees on their desk phones, their mobile phones, their computers, as well as smart devices in ceilings and on the walls.

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