Quicklert Connect App and QBOX Management System

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Creating Safe-Smart workplaces for state and local governments using AI-powered devices and mobile messaging to accelerate threat detection and simplify communications – from the case worker to the governor’s office – all from a single, intelligent platform.

Quicklert Connect App - Panic Alert

Quicklert has a number of deployments at the state level, state-wide. Many states have chosen Quicklert solutions for their emergency detection and response requirements.

These solutions may start with Quicklert Connect App on smart mobile devices and computers at the field offices for a state – a case worker in the field, an employee in the state department of transportation or an IT worker – and be driven from the very top levels of the governor’s office.

Whether assisting in a field worker calling for help, to employees in the driver’s license building proactively communicating with community people with appointments, Quicklert solutions are helping state employees do their jobs during normal days as well as emergencies. At the state level, the governor uses Quicklert Connect with Mass Alerts to communicate with a few people on his/her staff, and with millions of constituents directly – using the same solution.

As with other government agencies, Quicklert’s vision of using smart QBOX devices to embed emergency detection and response inside day-to-day business operations of state governments is powerful and fiscally attractive.

The same technology driving shift changes and communications regarding closings handles emergency communications. The same mobile technology that handles phone calls and messaging and email also handles emergency lockdowns of an entire state during pandemics.

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