QBOX Ceiling

QBOX Ceiling

QBOX Ceiling is a ceiling-mounted, multi-function emergency detection and response device integrated with the Quicklert IAM software. This single or dual-screen speaker/digital signage device has an AI-powered camera for threat detection and an array of sensors to provide early incident detection.

QBOX Ceiling with Single or Dual Screen

QBOX Ceiling is configured with one or two displays, depending on your needs and placement.

Powerful Threat Recognition

QBOX uses edge AI and machine learning to analyze video, audio and sensory data, quickly detecting threats like smoke, fire, chemicals, active shooters and much more. QBOX instantly alerts and dynamically updates all stakeholders with specific and actionable response information.

How QBOX detects a gun

High-Fidelity Sound

QBOX Speakers are premium speakers that offer the best sound clarity and balance of frequencies. QBOX provides rich, powerful and vibrant sound that fills your space with dynamically enhanced audio.

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