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Industry Solutions for Nursing Homes

Creating Safe-Smart workplaces for nursing homes using AI-powered devices to accelerate threat detection, ground-breaking patient monitoring capabilities, and mobile communications to simplify communications between staff, patients and families –all from a single, intelligent platform.

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The nursing home industry is a strong adopter of Quicklert technologies, typically driven by the simplicity of the Quicklert Intelligent Alerts Management Platform, from deployment to actual usage. Nursing homes provide round-the-clock care to their residents, who usually have some underlying medical condition that requires constant care.

In this environment, how easily a resident can call for help, how easily a staff member can monitor that resident without disturbing them, how easily a staff member can communicate with the resident (and the resident’s family) – these are critical points of concern for both the institutions providing the service and those families who entrust their loved ones to these homes.

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Unlike a typical hospital, nursing homes do not face the same challenges with patient admissions, patient no-shows and patient discharges. However, as with a hospital, code alerts, nurse call alerts and efficient intra-building communications with staff are of paramount importance.

QBOX ConnectView and QBOX ConnecTab solutions address these concerns, with a specific focus on the nurses and staff who work at these homes. Protecting them, keeping them safe, making their jobs easier (and thus reducing difficult-to-manage turnover) are the prime focus areas for Quicklert Solutions.

As always, Quicklert’s vision of embedding emergency detection and response inside day-to-day business operations of the nursing home is operationally and fiscally attractive. The same QBOX technology driving staff shift changes and family communications handles emergency lockdowns and evacuations. The same Quicklert Connect mobile technology that simplifies patients calling for assistance also protects staff – and staff resources – during pandemics and other outbreaks.

Below are just a few examples – solutions suites – of how Quicklert impacts nursing home emergencies.

Quicklert Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Pandemic Solutions

Doctor, Nurse, Staff Safety, Supply Cost Reduction

Patient No-Shows

Reducing Patient No-Shows, Saving Revenue Streams and Improving Efficiencies

Automating and Simplifying Patient Discharge

Reducing Re-admissions and Controlling Costs

Code Alerts

Enhancing Delivery and Response to Code Alerts

Hospital Communications

Enhancing Information Dissemination with Audible and Visual Messaging and Alerts

Staff Management

Reducing Nurse Turnover Through Better Staff Management

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