Quicklert Intelligent Alert Management [IAM] Platform

Quicklert QBOX Touch in the classroom

Creating Safe-Smart campuses for schools by detecting threats faster, analyzing data smarter, and simplifying communications with an array of actions including mass alerts, two-way mobile messaging, 911 alerts, Evacuations, Lockdowns and parent communications – all from a single, intelligent platform.

The challenges that our schools face today almost defy the imagination. Twenty years ago, school administrators and leaders had a very different ‘never list’; You know, those things you hope never happen. A fire. A bus accident to or from some event. A bomb threat.

Today, that list is decidedly more frightening. It begins with an active shooter – likely a current or former student who knows the campus well, knows how to get in and out.

Today, that list includes ever-changing weather such as tornadoes (over 1,500 in the United States in 2019), hurricanes (29 named storms and hurricanes in the U.S. in 2019), snow storms and bomb cyclones.

QBOX Ceiling in the hallway showing Exit

Today, that list includes sudden outbreaks of disease that turns into pandemics that shut schools down for months, requiring new protocols, new schedules, new layouts in school buildings.

Fortunately, Quicklert has a solution for each and every one of these threats – and more. Solutions that don’t start with sending out alerts when something goes wrong. QBOX devices use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats before they become incidents! The Quicklert Intelligent Alerts Management Platform includes powerful integrations that tie into the national weather service, so that weather alerts are not dependent on a human being taking action. And finally, these solutions are embedded inside the daily processes of every school. So the Cal Scheduler for bells becomes an emergency response tool. The Exit signs and Stairwell signs become emergency detection devices. Clocks, signage devices, speakers – used for bells, information displays and announcements – all become tools to detect, react and respond to emergency situations, with QBOX Ceiling and QBOX Touch devices.

Quicklert Solutions for the Education Industry

Social Distancing

Student and Staff Safety through Social Distancing in Schools

Mass Alerts and Mass Communications

One-Touch, Complex Alerting and Messaging - Simplified

Active Shooter

Rapid Detection, Rapid Response and De-Escalation

Bell Schedules

Cost Consolidation, Operational Excellence, Emergency Response

911 Internal Alerting

Automated, Situation-based Alerts with No Human Intervention

Parent Relations

Enhanced Communications, Parental Engagement, Student Safety

Bus Safety

Student Safety, Enhanced Communications

They Trust Quicklert for Their Safety and Security

More then 300 school districts

Avon Grove School District
The Centre de services scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys
Waynesville School District
Gahanna Jefferson City Schools
Pasadena ISD
Mansfield ISD
Zionsville Schools
Grapevine Colleyville ISD

Simply an amazing experience. Quicklert was installed and was up and running within 20 minutes, and we were receiving 911 call notifications from our IP Phones in the school district, on our iPhone and Android devices.

Gary Mattei, Ed. D. Director of Technology,
Avon Grove School District

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