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Creating Safe-Smart campuses for Higher Education by creating smarter classrooms, smarter dormitories, smarter eating areas – from Evacuations to Lockdowns, from simple alumni communications to police coordination during threats – all from a single, intelligent platform.

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The list of challenges facing colleges and universities looking to secure their people and campuses are long and varied, because of the very nature of these institutions. What looks like a simple place of education is anything but that. Sure, a university is a place of education. But it is much more than that.

It is a hoteling operation that houses hundreds or thousands – or tens of thousands – of students, and therefore has the safety concerns that you would see in a hotel or an apartment.

It is a multi-restaurant environment that has multiple locations to feed students and staff, and therefore has the safety concerns you would see in a restaurant with massive kitchens concerned about power outages, electrical shorts and gas leaks.

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It is a transportation company and travel agency that uses vans, buses and airplanes to transport students to various academic and athletic events.

And it is usually a beautiful campus, pristine or old-school, with no walls, a few entry gates and alarmingly easy to infiltrate.

It is with these concerns in mind that universities try and secure a multi-acre environment – often spread out across vast opens spaces – from a shooter, a sniper, a fire, a gas leak, bad weather along with the normal accidents that come from young people just being young people.

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Quicklert's Intelligent Alerts Management Platform has a number of solutions to help universities address each of these concerns. Solutions that don’t start with sending out alerts when something goes wrong. They include QBOX devices which use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect threats before they become incidents! They include Mass Alerts with powerful integrations that tie into the national weather service, so that weather alerts are not dependent on a human being taking action. And finally, these solutions are embedded inside the daily processes of every school. With QBOX, the bell system becomes an emergency response tool. The Exit signs and Stairwell signs become emergency detection devices. Clocks, signage devices, speakers – used for bells, information displays and announcements – all become tools to detect, react and respond to emergency situations.

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Student and Staff Safety through Social Distancing in Schools

Mass Alerts and Mass Communications

One-Touch, Complex Alerting and Messaging - Simplified

Active Shooter Solutions

Rapid Detection, Rapid Response and De-Escalation

Quicklert Bell Schedules

Cost Consolidation, Operational Excellence, Emergency Response

911 Internal Alerting

Automated, Situation-based Alerts with No Human Intervention

Parent Relations

Enhanced Communications, Parental Engagement, Student Safety

Bus Safety

Student Safety, Enhanced Communications

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