Quicklert Hardware & Software Platform

Quicklert Intelligent Alert Management (IAM) Platform

The Quicklert Intelligent Alerts Management (IAM) Software Platform is the foundation for the Quicklert Mass Notification, Emergency Alerts and Critical Event Management experience. It is designed for any user in any environment, regardless of PBX type or network topology. Available in an on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid fashion, it is easy to deploy and easy to manage, with a simplified and intuitive administrative and end-user experience.

With IAM, powerful applications like Mass Alert Communications and Broadcast Paging become more than single point products. They become alerting, mass notification and response tools for critical event management. Cal Scheduler becomes a cost-effective alternative to ring school bells – while at the same time becoming an integral component of an alert, messaging and response strategy. Internal 911 Alerts become a situational tool to detect and respond to 911 alert calls – or any other pre-designated calling pattern – quickly and efficiently. And these are just a few of the many applications and optional software modules integrated into the IAM.

Intelligent Alerts Management Platform

Key components of Quicklert IAM Platform

Quicklert Software Platform & Devices

Simplify how you communicate – during normal operations and during emergencies – with powerful messaging and alerting at the touch of a button.

QBOX Management System

Intuitive and powerful Web-based management system and applications platform for QBOX.

Quicklert Call Recording

Record your most important business calls – at the touch of a button, anytime during the call. Simple, Easy, Affordable.

Quicklert Command and Control Center

Coming this Fall - Quicklert Command and Control Center allows operations and security teams to visualize emergency threats and critical alerts.

Quicklert Connect Application

Quicklert Connect is a feature-rich yet simple mobile and desktop client experience integrated within the powerful alerting and messaging platform of Quicklert’s Intelligent Alerts Managent (IAM) Software.

For Cisco CallManager

The Next Generation for IP-Based Paging, Broadcasting and Messaging for the Enterprise

For Digium Switchvox

The Easiest Solution for 911 Alerts, Mass Alerts and Secure Messaging for Schools, State and Local Government, Healthcare and Small to Medium size business.

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