Quicklert Safer Workplace

Safer Workplaces — How to Enforce the New Normal

QBOX with Intelligent Alert Management Platform™ helps teams maintain safe distancing.

Whether you have already reopened, or are in the planning stage, it is imperative to include a strategy on how you will monitor and enforce your reopening plans. The new QBOX Safe-Smart Speakers™ and Monitors are designed with smart technology that can be customized to your plan to help you monitor and enforce it, even with risk mitigation measures.


QBOX Safe-Smart Speakers™ and Monitors have the capability to enforce evolving safety protocols with AI-powered detection of proximity, space occupancy, density and body temperature, as well as movement to help monitor social distancing and interpersonal proximity. QBOX™ can also monitor ingress and egress and elevator occupancy loads to enforce distancing and density protocols.

Quicklert QBOX Touch

Integrating Quicklert Intelligent Alert Management™ technology with QBOX™, provides for immediate communication to select employees, groups of employees and/or stakeholders. With one click, Quicklert™ can communicate on-site work schedules, locations and protocols to ensure all team members have the most current plans and information. In addition, QBOX™ within your facilities can communicate with Quicklert Connect™ on employees’ mobile phones to provide way-finding services and enforce unidirectional traffic flows within the building corridors to reduce density and limit congestion.

Quicklert Lite App - Mass Alert

While we recognize that there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of spreading of the virus, QBOX by Quicklert can help in mitigating the risks. QBOX offers contact tracing, wellness polling and team communications to decisively manage new outbreak risks. Quicklert Lite can provide contact tracing data to quickly understand exposure patterns and notify those who may have been exposed to a confirmed case. Location services in the mobile app help to manage risks associated with travel to hot zones, and can alert personnel when they are in areas of elevated risk and provide instructions. And, to stay on top of your employees’ wellness, employees can participate in a health assessment through Quicklert Lite before shifts to ensure a positive, healthy work environment.

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