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Covid-19 Solutions to Protect Staff, Patients and Systems

QBOX ConnecTab™ Protect nurses and staff by reducing exposure to infections diseases and eliminating supply/PPE waste.

QBOX ConnecTab™ by Quicklert provides healthcare facilities with a powerful, simple and affordable solution that increases staff efficiency while improving patient comfort and safety. The simple, one-touch design of the Patient Dashboard allows staff to easily connect with any patient through messaging or two-way video chat directly through ConnecTab, the in-room patient tablet. During viral outbreaks, this can be life-saving for at-risk patients and staff as they continue to provide care, while eliminating unnecessary repeated exposure by reducing in-room contact. With fewer in-person interactions, care teams dramatically decrease their exposure risk and their use of PPE, saving time, increasing staff efficiency and reducing supply costs.

QBOX ConnecTab™ provides patients with an intuitive portal for simple, one-touch video chat that keeps them in touch with staff, loved ones and outside care providers. ConnecTab™ can be used for secure telehealth consultations, with end-to-end encryption that ensures the privacy and security of all QBOX communications. Ideal in maternity, orthopedic and cancer units, hospitals that value service excellence will use ConnecTab to offer hyper-focused convenience options and value-added services - surveys, appointment booking, information and care instructions and more.

How It Works

Care teams and staff can access the Patient Dashboard from any Web browser at an existing central station or a mobile device anywhere in the facility. The application is so simple and intuitive that patients and staff can be trained in under two minutes.

Authorized staff log in to access the icon-driven dashboard that allows them to monitor, video chat or send messages to individuals or groups of patients through their in-room QBOX ConnecTab tablets.

The two-way video calling feature allows staff to place video calls and receive video call requests from patients. And, the monitoring feature allows staff to visually and audibly check in on patients without disturbing them, and all without entering the patients’ rooms.

Quicklert Healthcare Dashboard Server

The QBOX ConnecTab for patients is a lightweight, durable tablet computer with a 15” HD display, integrated speakers and visual alert notification LED beacon.

ConnecTab features a large, simple icon-driven display that requires little or no training to use. With just one touch, patients can call for assistance from staff or just connect with the ones they love —face-to-face, over video.

When patients place a video call to external contacts, their contacts receive either a text message or email message with a link. Then, they simply click the link to automatically connect on a two-way video call with the patient. No special software, no downloads, no logins, no passwords - literally, just one click.

QBOX ConnecTab

QBOX ConnecTab has been purpose-built for hospital and residential care facilities and is fully integrated with Quicklert’s Intelligent Alert Management (IAM) platform, as well as the QBOX Intelligent Threat Detection and Alerting system. QBOX ConneTab also integrates with your existing EHR and nurse call systems. The QBOX Content Management Platform and App Store provide a range of options for news, information, assessments, entertainment and more.

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