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Next Level Safety for Your Students, Faculty and Staff

Guns, fires or any emergency—know when it’s happening, where the threat is and how to respond.

The Quicklert Intelligent Alert Management Platform offers an incredible array of impact areas for schools looking to create a safer workplace environment for their teachers and staff, and their students. From the bus ride to and from school to the hallways, classrooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums – the Quicklert solution helps identify threats/incidents, analyzes the data and then notifies the right people – in the right way – anywhere and everywhere in the school; On the walls, on the ceilings, on the mobile phones of staff and the computers on the desks – everyone is notified securely, with two-way communications and an audit trail.

With AIM and QBOX Technologies, everything in your school becomes smarter – and a tool to help create the Safe-Smart campus you need.

Quicklert IAM Platform for Education

QBOX Ceiling in the hallway and QBOX Touch on the wall – with AI-powered cameras and an array of sensors – automatically detect things like an intruder with a gun (before it is fired), smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and motion. When a critical event is detected, QBOX analyzes the threat and begins the alerting and notification process – notifying the security guard, the local police or fire department, the school nurse, the principal, the teachers closest to the threat – and taking the appropriate action, such as locking the school down, or starting an evacuation.

QBOX Ceiling interfaced with large wall monitors in hallways provide proximity and distancing guidance to students in hallways between classes and after school. During normal operations, QBOX – using the Quicklert Management System – delivers content to wall and ceiling displays. This content could be honoring the teacher of the week, or the robotics club, or the girls basketball team. Normal school stuff. But once the bells ring (controlled by Quicklert) on QBOX smart speakers, QBOX uses motion and proximity sensors to help keep distancing goals. Reminders of distancing are displayed on monitors, with an audible reminder through the speakers. A countdown can also be displayed on the bottom of the monitors which tells students how long they have to get to class.

Quicklert Solutions for the Education Industry


Student and Staff Safety through Social Distancing in Schools

Mass Alerts and Mass Communications

One-Touch, Complex Alerting and Messaging - Simplified

Active Shooter Solutions

Rapid Detection, Rapid Response and De-Escalation

Quicklert Bell Schedules

Cost Consolidation, Operational Excellence, Emergency Response

911 Internal Alerting

Automated, Situation-based Alerts with No Human Intervention

Parent Relations

Enhanced Communications, Parental Engagement, Student Safety

Bus Safety

Student Safety, Enhanced Communications

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