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QBOX | Safe-Smart Displays, Clocks, Speakers and more

Your Phone shouldn’t be the only ‘smart’ technology in your organization - Smart, AI-Powered Multipurpose IoT Devices.

Doing the same things – thinking the same way – is not going to solve the safety challenges that organizations face today!

At Quicklert we have re-imagined what safety and security mean in the workplace. This isn’t just a play on words. Think about it: Twenty-five years ago, if you mentioned safety and security to a business leader, a superintendent of schools, a medical officer in a hospital or the governor of a state – you would have received a very different message than you would get today. Twenty-five years ago they would have talked to you about fires, about gas leaks and water breaks. They would have told you about power outages, and bomb threats.

Here is the key – that is what they worried about twenty-five years ago. And they deployed solutions to address those concerns.

Today, they have different concerns.

Today, they speak to us about many of those things, but the list is larger. And those previous concerns are usually at the tail end of their list. At the front of their list? The disgruntled employee or student or who becomes an active shooter. The after-effects of a pandemic that have created new protocols are proximity and social distancing and directional traffic. The impact of sudden weather changes – hurricanes, tornados, floods – and how that affects the workplace.

Quicklert QBOX - Exit App
More than emergency response – organizations need to know what is happening, when it is happening – and if possible – before it happens.

Science Fiction? Not anymore.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Quicklert QBOX technologies play the role of first detection and response hiding in plain sight. What looks like an EXIT sign is actually a smart speaker with an AI-powered camera, looking for weapons. What appears to be a clock is actually a smart speaker with powerful sensors, looking for evidence of smoke, a fire, motion, air quality changes.

Your mobile phone does so much. It is a phone, it is a camera, it is a video player, a mini-television screen, a music player, a clock, an email client, a messaging device, a GPS device and more.

Yet the speaker on your wall is just . . . a speaker? The clock on your wall is just . . . a clock? The EXIT sign above the doorway is just . . . an EXIT sign? The digital signage monitor on your wall is just . . . a piece of signage?

No more! With Quicklert, these devices become intelligent, multi-functional AI-powered learning devices that detect anomalies and change role and function as the conditions change. And we place them on your walls, in your ceilings, in the hands of your teachers and nurses and at the bedside of patients.

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